Sunday, September 11 - 2016
Registration - 9 am
Walk - 10 am

Thomson Memorial Park
1005 Brimley Road

The Tamil Canadian Walk-A-Thon, which is now in its eighth year, is being coordinated by the Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) and has raised over $400,000 in the last 7 years for mostly Canadian charities. Last year for the very first time CTC chose a project in Sri Lanka and raised over $100,000 to help build 41 houses for women headed households in Sampur Village (Trincomalee district). This project was completed successfully and 41 houses have been handed over in 2 phases earlier this year.

This year CTC has chosen Batticaloa district as our beneficiary for this year's walk-a-thon. Batticaloa district being one of the worst effected regions by the war has the highest poverty levels in the entire Sri Lanka. This year proceeds will go towards establishing the Canada Batticaloa Friendship Farm in Sri Lanka which will provide employment for the worst effected segments of Batticaloa district that include young war widows, former LTTE members who are disabled or have lost their limbs and so on. We want to establish the farm in paduvankarai region of Batticaloa which contains interior villages that face severe poverty. This will not only provide relief to the worst effected region in Batticaloa, it will strengthen the border villages. . Once established any and all profits from this farm will go towards livelihood projects to help the people in that paduvankarai region.

Canada Batticaloa Friendship Farm Project is estimated to cost approximately $100,000.